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Mark, Shelly and Malaina Alifano

We have known the Serdy family for over 40 years. I went to grammar school with Nate's sister and have always known Nate through sports. I got reacquainted with Nate recently when we were thinking of putting our house on the market and our past made it an easy decision. Selling our home through Nate was easy and painless. Nate kept us aware of all steps and made our lives easier by taking ownership of the process. Once we closed the sale of our home, Nate's difficult work began. Finding a home in this crazy market isn't difficult, but being successful in the bidding process is. We lost out on several homes and Nate was always very positive. I could tell he was truly bummed for us when he had to make the phone call to let us down. Once we found the home we wanted and were successful in purchasing it, I could tell Nate was truly and honestly happy for our family. There are Realtors® who move large volumes of homes and are at the top of their respective markets, but that isn't always what should attract buyers or sellers to their agents. What will always keep our family recommending Nate is that he is a lot of the things mentioned above, but more importantly, he cares more than most. I'm happy to say our experiences with Nate have been wonderful, but happier to call him a friend that was there when we needed his professionalism, on top of our friendship.


Our family sold a home with Nate and Rose Serdy's real estate team and I mean team. Their working knowledge of Half Moon Bay, CA helped us to renovate and sell the home in a few months when we do not live in the area. They proceeded with understanding and professionalism during a difficult family time for us. What we as a family thought was a difficult task was broken down into efficient steps by the Serdy's. For example, an overall plan was put together using expertise from local companies and workers for the renovation. This could have been very hard to do when the seller lives out of state as we did. It was also clear from the beginning that we would be kept in the loop, and quality options were always presented. All the contracts made sense was thoroughly explained, and we were treated in a friendly manner and with the utmost courtesy at all times. The outcome is we renovated and sold the home for a good value, in a short amount of time and we are very happy with how the home was improved. In addition, the Serdy's know the nature of selling real estate and helped us through this process as well. Everyone we worked with through the Serdys worked together to accomplish our goals in harmony and efficiency. We are very grateful.

Lynn and Warren Flick

Rose and Nate Serdy are professional, available, and result-oriented. Professional: . Put together an all-court-press marketing agenda with extensive advertising, professionally photographed brochure, internet exposure, five open houses in six weeks. . Extremely knowledgeable on the extensive and excessive legal documents and actions required for selling property in California. Available: . Hosted all open houses. . Accompanied every showing to be sure potential buyers had all pertinent information on our home. . Always available for questions and concerns by us. . Immediately supplied us with feedback from potential buyers, Realtor® comments, and internet hits. Result Oriented: . Home sold in six weeks. This home is in Ocean Colony. . Rose and Nate are always enthusiastic and dedicated. We felt as though we were the only clients they had.


Our family worked mainly with Nate Serdy as our Realtor®, and I can honestly say we had more than 5-star experience with him. He was always responsive, upfront, and honest, and his knowledge of the coast-side really helped make our dream of owning a home on the coast a reality. We changed our minds a million times about what kind of home we were looking for, our price point, and which area of town we wanted, and Nate never gave up on us. He certainly earned his commission on this one! One thing that really struck me was the night he came to our house to sign our first offer. He came and spent over an hour going over each individual line item on that offer, and explaining exactly what it meant and the implications of each thing we were signing. He wanted to make absolutely sure we understood what we were agreeing to by signing it. Nate truly became a friend throughout this whole experience, and I doubt most people can say that about their Realtors®.


My husband and I entered into a complicated real estate transaction, in which Nate was the Realtor® for all parties (3 parties, 4 transactions). Nate was honest, direct, transparent (when appropriate), and clearly explained his legal fiduciary responsibilities. We were in the least favorable position in the transactions in this regard. Nate was fantastic and always professional – he advised of potential challenges early on and discussed those concerns with us before we even entered into the contract. Nate conducted all transactions with the highest of integrity (even when he could not advise us on an important matter, he directed me to the right person for guidance). In the end, we all got what we wanted and needed. My husband and I are so very grateful, both to Nate and our amazing sellers, for our beautiful new home.


We worked with Rose and Nate two times selling our home. They specialize in the real estate market on the Coastside for many years and thus know their business and have an extensive network. Rose and Nate took the time to explain to us the current real estate market and develop the right strategy for our needs. They gave us tips, how to prep our house and then did their magic to produce a beautiful online portfolio for our home. Since we are currently in a seller’s market, the selling process was a breeze and we had multiple offers. Rose and Nate helped us go through the offers and make the right decision. We got a great price and were able to buy our next home simultaneously. Rose and Nate are a great team, super friendly and caring, and always on top of things. Thank you!

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