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El Granada

El Granada consists of Princeton-By-The-Sea, Clipper Ridge, Lower El Granada and El Granada Highlands.


Welcome to El Granada

El Granada consists of Princeton-By-The-Sea, Clipper Ridge, Lower El Granada, and El Granada Highlands.
The Clipper Ridge neighborhood is a well-maintained subdivision with a well-maintained park and playground area. 
Princeton-By-The-Sea is one of the most charming harbor districts in all of California with some of the best local restaurants, boating areas, shopping areas, and walking trails to the famous "Maverick's" Surf Break. During the winter months, waves can reach over 50 feet high. It is a mixed-use space for commercial, industrial, and residential uses. 
El Granada has its own town center, and its unusual street design fans out from there. Locals often meet at the post office. The neighborhood is the Coastside's most densely populated area. There are two schools - El Granada Elementary School and the private Wilkinson School. 
Surfer's Beach can be one of the most popular strips of sand on the Coast and energetic hikers can head south on the sand for several miles - to the southernmost point of the bay. The surf break, locally known as the Jetty, offers an easily accessible wave for both beginners and experts - depending on the conditions. Locals also enjoy walks on the Coastal Trail or Quarry Park or kayaking in the harbor. 

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